U5 presents its customers with a wide range of services to support customers throughout the refrigerated unit life cycle

In addition to the quality professional cabinets proposition, U5 also offers its customers a wide range of services in order to meet all the needs that may arise during the entire life of the equipment.

Technical Assistance

The best Technical Assistance Centres throughout the country in a capillary way are available to customers for repairs on U5 products, both under warranty and out of warranty.

In addition, a specific web area has been created to allow customers to follow real-time progress of attendances on U5 web-site.

Currently we are finalizing After-Sales Agreements with a number of providers outside the Italian borders in order to expand the confidence of buying U5 abroad.

Warranty Extension

All U5 refrigerated units, with the exception of components subject to normal wear and tear, are covered by a 12-month warranty. However, it is possible to request the extension of the warranty period on all products.


U5 has a spare parts warehouse capable of meeting requirements for the parts mostly used by professional refrigeration manufacturers.

In particular, the stock level is maintained in such a way as to constantly support the ASP’s activities and reworking carried out at Occimiano plant.


Over 20,000 square meters of covered warehouse in the new location in Occimiano (AL) are available to U5 customers for the storage of bulk numbers, thus allowing them to defer deliveries over time according to seasonal needs.


U5, thanks to agreements with leading financial companies, provides also renting/leasing solutions for cabinets. Among the proposed options, there are plans of 12, 24, 48 and 72 months with or without final option to purchase, at competitive prices as always. All covered by U5 guarantee.


A tailored line is in charge of extending the life of used refrigerators, either working or to be repaired but in any case obsolete aesthetically, so as to make them acceptable by the POS.

This procedure starts with thorough cleaning with specific detergents, then it goes on with sanitization, with the replacement of broken parts and/or integration of the missing ones, and with rebranding. As it happens for standard production, the cycle ends with certified testing.

All reworked appliances are covered by U5 guarantee.


In order to rebrand cabinets with the customer’s artwork, a department with skilled staff fits digitally printed stickers on new equipment and on units to be reworked both.

Production is fast and flexible, so much so that it is possible to ask for recladding of one cabinet only. For large batches we prefer to print digitally on steel sheet so as to reduce costs and therefore prices.


U5 is well aware of the European legislation on the disposal of professional refrigerated cabinets and it gets regular updates about its constant evolution.

U5 has joined the German Consortium RENE AG – Recycling Network Europe and therefore we are able to provide customers with the disposal service suitable to their needs and in line with regulations.