We support our customers throughout the refrigerator life cycle

Selling only good refrigerators is not enough. At U5 we are convinced that we must also offer customers a wide range of services to support them throughout the refrigerator life cycle.

  • Renting
  • Storage
  • Refurbishment
  • Customization / Recladding
  • Spare parts
  • Technical service
  • Warranty
  • Disposal



hanks to agreements with leading financial companies U5 can provide its products through quickly activated Operating Lease or Financial Lease schemes*. The proposed formulas cover durations of 12, 24, 48 and 72 months with or without a final redemption agreement, at competitive prices. All this with warranty.

Note*: subject to the Lessor’s approval.


Over 20,000 square meters of covered warehouse in the new location in Occimiano (AL) are available to U5 customers for the storage of bulk numbers, thus allowing them to defer deliveries over time according to seasonal needs.


For those refrigerators that are aesthetically obsolete but still usable from a technical point of view, in Occimiano there is a bespoke line with dedicated personnel taking care of refurbishment.

The process begins with a thorough washing and sanitizing using special detergents, then it is the turn of replacing broken parts and/or integrating missing ones. Then graphics get replaced and the cycle ends with testing (as for brand new output).

All refurbished appliances are covered by U5 warranty.


Knowing how important it is for a fridge to deliver the brand identity, U5 has a digital printing department and a graphics application department.
In this way we can personalise any unit, following the customer’s instructions.

Production is fast and flexible, so much so that it is possible to customise even a single unit. For large batches of new refrigerators we digitally print directly on metal sheet to s reduce costs and therefore prices dramatically.

Spare parts

U5 has a spare parts warehouse able to meet demands in 24/48 h.

The stock level is maintained in such a way as to support both customers’ requests, the Technical Assistance Centres and the refurbishment activities that are carried out at the Occimiano plant.

Technical Support

Our Technical Service Centres cover the entire Italian territory in a comprehensive manner and they are available to customers for repairs of U5 refrigerators, both under warranty and out of warranty.

A tailored-made web platform, accessible via the U5 website, allows customers to be informed in real time about the progress of each technical intervention.

We can reckon also on service contracts with a number of Technical Centres abroad.


All U5 refrigerated units, with the exception of components subject to normal wear and tear, are covered by a 12-month warranty. However, it is possible to request the extension of the warranty period on all products.


U5 is well aware of the European legislation on the disposal of professional refrigerated cabinets and it gets regular updates about its constant evolution.

U5 has joined the German Consortium RENE AG – Recycling Network Europe and therefore we are able to provide customers with the disposal service suitable to their needs and in line with regulations.