50,000 square meters with zero impact

We are pleased to announce that since October 2018 we have been present in the new Occimiano factory, a historic production site in the Casale Monferrato area, which previously belonged to the IAR-Siltal.

The large spaces (50,000 square meters, half of which are covered), the new line and the new machines will allow us to better satisfy our customers.

Refrigerated equipment with high performance, low consumption and respect for the community and the environment.

The pentane cycle foaming system, the use of gas considered not harmful to the atmosphere, the adoption of plastics and recyclable materials are just some of the concrete examples of our constant commitment to zero impact fridges.

In U5, quality was part of a strategic choice, choosing the expensive path of vertical integration.

In other words, in U5 we try to produce most of the components in house, thus being able to directly control the quality of each piece.

This is the case with vertical shop window doors, a crucial component of all vertical fridges. In U5, a department specializes in building the doors of all showcases, both negative (Frost Line) and positive (Kryo Line), starting from aluminum profiles.

Always with a view to producing the various components internally, at the beginning of 2020 we inaugurated the machine for digital printing directly on the sheet metal, thus being able to give the customer its graphics at affordable prices, feeding the production line Just in Time, without delays in deliveries .

Finally, at the end of the production cycle all the appliances are tested for 24 hours recording the operating data of each fridge.

As recognition of the efforts made, in just two years from its birth, on December 22nd 2016, U5 obtains the ISO 9001 certification.

Made in Italy and Italian Design

Italy. A small boot-shaped country jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea. A small country that has always influenced and continues to influence the world, historically and culturally.

We at U5 are proud to be Italian and are aware of the value that the Made in Italy brand has globally, since it is synonym of quality and design. Quality and Design, two mantras that are important also in the refrigeration industry.

The refrigerated cabinet is the cold environment protecting the integrity of drinks and ice-cream, but it is also an object that has to be placed in a store to sell products. Therefore it has to valued by the operator and it has to attract the consumer.

To us the cabinet is the final packaging of the product on the market, this is why we believe that it is right to devote several resources to its outlining, to ergonomics and to aesthetic details.

For the engineering of each model manufactured in Occimiano we cooperate with Italian design agencies having experience in the refrigeration business, so that our products always boast a distinctive and recognizable Italian Design trait.

Our Vintage line is an example. Units wholly in metal sheet looking back to the popular round shapes of the 50s-60s but with avant-garde and reliable thermodynamics.
The Vintage range, a success we are proud of.