Ucinque, among Monferrato vineyards

Monferrato, renowned for its wines, historically represents the “Italian Pole of Cold”. It is here that from the second post-war period, because of refrigerated units left by the Allies, the first cold storage systems for meat preservation were devised.
Since then there has been an incessant sprouting of companies in the refrigeration industry.
After its debut in Asti, Occimiano (AL) is now home to Ucinque, a 100% Italian company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of professional refrigerators. The new plant was inaugurated in Occimiano in 2018. It is a production site of over 50,000 square meters that once belonged to IAR-Siltal, a renowned manufacturer of domestic refrigeration.

Ucinque, Truly Different

U5, since its first steps in 2014, has communicated itself to customers in a different way from competitors by focusing on Italian Design and Made in Italy, iconic values known and appreciated throughout the world.
Simply, we do not offer refrigerators, but cutting-edge refrigerated units.

The market approach

Since the beginning U5 has been featuring elegant designs to meet even the most demanding requirements from customers. Its offer spans 5 product ranges: Beverage, Ice Cream, Supermarket, Catering and Meat. Ranges growing year after year, just to follow customers’ requests.

Within each range U5 offers both units manufactured in its Occimiano factory and refrigerators produced by its partners.
The former are high-end innovative refrigerators designed by agencies and most often also patented. They are the product category that we call “Emotional”, with the awareness that refrigerated cabinet has to stand out in order to be placed at a point of sale and win the consumer’s attention.

This is the case of the Vintage range (U5 patented) which re-proposes the fridge lines of the 50s and 60s with advanced and reliable thermodynamics. The latter are Rational refrigerators, sturdy and durable refrigerators produced by a selected number of U5 European and Asian Partners, working upon U5 specifications. This applies to the CIS traditional ice-cream freezers of and to EUREKA 400 cooler showcases, widely requested for their well-known quality.

U5 provides equipment with HC gases only, both in polyurethane foams and in compressors. These are zero-carbon footprint gases, not harmful to the environment. U5 R&D Department is always seeking state-of-the-art solutions to abate energy consumption further. All the above, and this is the real challenge, at competitive prices

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