About Us

U5 was born only seven years ago, in 2014, from the collaboration of 5 professionals who have been operating in the cold sector for over 30 years.

The knowledge of the market, the passion for one’s work and the continuous offer of innovative products are the characteristic features of U5, today one of the most dynamic companies in the sector.

After the first three years spent in a small production facility in Asti, in 2019 the new plant in Occimiano (AL) is inaugurated, a production site of over 50,000 square meters that already belonged to the historic IAR Siltal. In the same year the share capital is doubled, reflecting the passion that the “five” infuse into their work every day for the maximum satisfaction of their customers.

U5 changes its image in the belief that every detail must immediately transmit the company’s characteristic features.

Quality policy

U5’s quality policy is strictly subordinated to its strategic vision. The company has specific objectives in order to achieve the general one.

The management has analyzed which strategies to adopt to keep the company on the market, increasing its training potential through a quality product and service. The direction has therefore set itself well-defined but flexible objectives over time.


  • The constant updating of staff skills and staff retention;
  • Customer loyalty and development acquired by paying greater attention to customer needs;
  • Increased customers and their visibility on the foreign market;
  • Search for qualified suppliers obtaining a better quality / price ratio.

The company's commitments

  • In the medium term, obtain a reduction in the costs of non-quality through the adoption of standard processes;
  • To create an increasingly stimulating work environment;
  • Evaluate through the analysis of complaints and monitoring the quality of the work done on the customer;
  • Keep turnover under control;
  • Monitor the quality of products supplied by suppliers;
  • Monitor the results of controls in production and production efficiency;
  • Define an understanding of the customer’s real needs at each stage of the service;
  • Keep customer satisfaction under control in order to identify the possibility of improving the service through direct and indirect survey methods.


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